News Announcing the PAIRS Free for Now!™ program

Published on 2015-01-26
[ Announcing the PAIRS Free for Now!™ program ]

Published: 2015-01-26

GandySoft, Inc has instituted a temporary suspension of all billing and trial periods, and is currently offering their flagship real estate analysis product, PAIRS™, completely free for use until March 30 th, 2015, under a program called PAIRS Free for Now!™

In an effort to give real estate appraisers the opportunity to come up to speed quickly using the highest quality market and feature adjustment analysis, the PAIRS™ platform is now available at no charge. Users will be able to compare results from the PAIRS™ analysis product with other products in the market, and are given the time and ability to choose the product that best suits their needs.

After the program period, subscribers can expect their choice of sensible and affordable options for monthly unlimited or single-use billing options, already published and available on the GandySoft Pricing page.

PAIRS™ is a recently-released invention from GandySoft that presents a new solution for valuation of real estate properties, based on the tried-and-true Gold Standard of matched paired sales. PAIRS™ is designed to mark a shift in the real estate appraisal market to give the appraiser the ability to have credible, statistically-supported adjustments that they can explain when called upon, as well as overcome some well known and highly troublesome issues with existing market solutions.

Traditional matched paired sales is used on a small scale, using a limited number of properties and a small number of property features. The PAIRS™ platform allows exponentially greater numbers of matched pairs to be identified using vastly larger numbers of property sale records. The result is the most stable and accurate real estate adjustment estimates available, which can be produced in a fraction of the time it requires to set up the analysis for most other solutions.

On Monday, January 26 th 2015, GandySoft, Inc. will launch the PAIRS Free for Now!™ program, making it the only commercial product on the market completely free for use for an extended period of time.

Michael Gandy, GandySoft’s chief and namesake, is quoted as saying, “Choose the real estate appraisal analysis product that makes the difference; use PAIRS Free for Now!™”