Product Pricing

Pricing Options for PAIRS™

Choose from these pricing options for PAIRS™. This gives you full statistical adjustment analysis and complete access to the Data Cleaning option.

Monthly Annually Per Use
$50 / Month

  • Unlimited PAIRS analysis
  • Most popular plan
  • Automatic billing
$550 / Year

  • Unlimited PAIRS analysis
  • One annual payment
  • One month FREE!
$3.25 / Use

  • Pay for what you use
  • Monthly billing
  • Automatic recharge

Pricing Options for Data Cleaning

Choose from these pricing options for the Data Cleaning. The Data Cleaning option allows you to use the power of PAIRS™ Data Cleaning features with any other analysis software. For more information, see the description at Data Cleaning.

Monthly Per Use
$20 / Month

  • Unlimited Exports
  • Automatic billing
$1.00 / Use

  • Pay per export
  • Monthly billing
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