PAIRS: Paired Analysis In Realty Simplified

The Future of Paired Sales Analysis

Paired Analysis In Realty Simplified”, known as PAIRS™, is a revolutionary platform built around the principles of paired sales analysis, and was designed to allow for the extraction of statistically supported adjustments for differences between properties.

Harnessing the Value of Differences

These differences are commonly referred to as variables, which may or may not have a quantifiable contributory effect in the market area defined when compared to other properties.

PAIRS™ will detect all of the differences between properties based on the defined set of variables, and will calculate the contributory effect of each of those variables within the property market.

These calculations, based on the property sale data itself, will produce an estimated value and an effective value range, both of which may be used to determine credible adjustments for properties in the market area.

Simple and Reliable

The engine that is PAIRS™ is simple in nature to utilize, but also robust enough to accommodate deep dive analysis, leaving you with findings that are easy to understand and communicate without the need for an advanced statistical background.

In short, PAIRS™ does all the work for you at lightning speed and leaves you with robust statistics that you can rely on in the course of your valuation assignments.

Long gone are the days where valuation professionals are susceptible to criticism relating to limited paired sales analysis of a small microcosm of sales.

With PAIRS™ you now have the power to analyze large segments of the market with ease, free of the typical errors in manual calculations when extracting adjustments.

Enhance your Professional Image

Every PAIRS™ analysis performed gives you an optional “validation page”, which clearly outlines the variables you analyzed that were considered primary and secondary drivers in the valuation process, giving you a range of possible adjustments, as well as an estimate of a central point of value.

With the ability to add and delete variables, apply multiple extraction scenarios and statistical filters, the extraction of market based adjustments has never been so insightful, easy, and enjoyable.

Your Data at Its Best

PAIRS™ allows you to bring data from any source you prefer, and the key part of that process is the normalization and cleaning of the data. Normalization helps your customer to experience consistency across appraisals from different data sources to dramatically improve the comprehension of your analysis. Data cleaning helps you squeeze as much usable information from your data as possible, fix consistency issues between fields, and identify when certain data might be unreliable.

Make the most of your data to get the very best statistical analysis possible. If you're using other analytical software, you can improve your results by exporting and using the data cleaned by PAIRS™.

Nothing comPAIRS to PAIRS™.

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