News GandySoft, Inc Announces Exclusive PAIRS™ Preview Program

Published on 2014-10-06
[ GandySoft, Inc Announces Exclusive PAIRS™ Preview Program ]

Published: 2014-10-06

GandySoft, Inc has invented a new solution for valuation of real estate properties that will mark a shift in the real estate appraisal market. This product is called PAIRS™, which is an acronym for Paired Analysis in Realty Simplified, and is based on the traditional method of paired sales analysis.

Traditional paired sales analysis is used on a small scale, using a limited number of properties and a small number of property features. The PAIRS™ platform throws the doors wide open, allowing exponentially more matched pairs to be identified using vastly larger numbers of property sale records.

On Monday, October 13th 2014, GandySoft, Inc. will begin an exclusive preview program for the PAIRS™ product for select appraisers, journalists, bloggers, and industry partners.

Michael Gandy, GandySoft’s chief and namesake, is quoted as saying, “PAIRS™ puts the appraiser back in the driver’s seat!”