Organization Coalition of Appraisers in Nevada

[ Coalition of Appraisers in Nevada (CAN) ]


The Coalition of Appraisers in Nevada (CAN) is the only comprehensive political action group to support all Nevada appraisers.

CAN is a Board of Governors member of the National Association of Appraisers, where every paid CAN member is also an Affiliate member of the NAA. As a NAA BoG member, CAN is also represented on a national level and additional benefits are available, including educational discounts and essential products.

With your membership to CAN, you will:

  • have a voice, protect your business and insure your future
  • be involved in your profession on a statewide and local level
  • be part of the only political action group for all appraisers in Nevada
  • be proactive in Nevada legislation such as appraiser independence, registration of AMCs, broker price opinions and other issues affecting appraisers
  • support fellow CAN appraisers who are making phone calls, attending and testifying at legislative committee meetings and hearings on behalf of all Nevada appraisers
  • keep current in the appraisal industry
  • promote yourself and the appraisal profession to legislators, regulators, and the general public
  • meet and network with other appraisers
  • qualify for discounts on numerous products, courses, and services

The General membership is designed for Certified and/or Licensed appraisers.

The Intern memberships is designed for state-registered interns in the process of gaining work experience to become Certified/Licensed.

The Affiliate membership is available to those individuals/companies who wish to support the cause, but are not Nevada-credentialed appraisers. Affiliate membership applications are reviewed by CANs Board of Directors prior to approval.